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       Before introducing myself, I feel that my URL needs an introduction of its own. This blog is meant to consist of my reading explorations, however, I couldn't resist claiming this hilarious pun. Not only do I love cats, but the first book I will be blogging about will be Pride and Prejudice. The clever name seemed utterly suitable.  
       As for myself, there is not much to introduce. I thoroughly enjoy 90s rock music, anything vintage and antique themed, baking, and of course, absolutely losing myself in novels. I heavily identify as a bibliophagist: an avid or voracious reader. More literally, it means "one who devours books." If I had to sit back and think of one word to describe myself, it would most definitely be bibliophagist. I find myself to be most content when I'm tearing through novels and reading like there is no tomorrow.

       When I was confronted with the task of creating this blog, I think my excitement was unearthly. I was all over it. I would like to use this blog for its intended purpose of chronicling my journey through the novels I read, but I also wish for it to do more than that. I want this blog to help me be more analytical of what I read, and hopefully inspire others to do the same. My ultimate goal is to share my love of literature with anyone who is willing to invest their time in it. 

     I'd like for you all to stick around as I write about my adventures in books as a bibliophagist!

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  2. When I opened your blog the first thing that I read was your title. Immediately after I asked mysel what is that word at the end of the title. I honestly thought it was some sort of typo, because I never seen that word before, but luckily the air was cleared as I continued reading. Thank you for the defining the word. In regards to the blog as a whole it was really good in my opinion. You gave the world a sense of the person you are, how much reading meant to you, and the purpose of this blog. You successfully fulfilled all the parts of the task. I could also relate to some of the things that you were saying as well, when you talked about your love for reading. (132)

  3. When I saw your URL, I already loved it. When I read your title, I questioned what bibliophagist means. When I read through your beautifully written paragraphs, I found out what bibliophagist means, and I appreciate your love for reading. I’m really glad you love reading, because that means your reading logs will be a lot of fun to read! I can’t wait to keep up with this blog. I also love to bake, mostly because I love food, but that’s beside the point. Your humor is sprinkled into this (such as the URL), which I think is so cute, and I am just so excited to keep up with this. (111)

  4. I’m going to be completely honest with you when I first read your title I had no clue what a bibliophagist was, and I was curious as to how you related to it. But as your post goes on I finally learned what a bibliophagist was and I can say that I am on the same level as you when it comes to the love of reading. You blog shows a lot about you and I also love to bake so I’m curious as to what is your favorite dish to create. But, I really like your blog so far and I am looking forward to reading about your future journeys as a bibliophagist.(114)